About Carefree Property Management — Portland, OR

Carefree Property Management Inc. was founded in 1982. The principals of the corporation have many years of experience in Real Estate, Real Property Management, Construction and related fields in the Greater Portland Metropolitan Area.

Carefree Property Management Inc. is an entity duly licensed by the Real Estate Agency of the State of Oregon and is governed by rules and regulations of the State of Oregon and the operations of property management. We are in the business of property management only and have a thorough knowledge of the Landlord/Tenant laws of the State of Oregon. Carefree Property Management Inc. does not engage in the listing or selling of real property.

Our name “Carefree” is an ever-present reminder to maintain a performance level on behalf of our owner/clients that will make their ownership of rental and investment properties free of care and free of involvement.

Carefree Property Management Inc. supports